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Art Boosts Self-Esteem

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Young children need to develop a healthy level of self confidence in order to thrive and become the person they’re meant to be. Low self-esteem can hinder development and overall life enjoyment, and it’s a hard mental state to leave. Instilling confidence in a child from an early age can help them stay positive for life.

Art is a simple way to help children build healthy self-esteem. When children have the chance to be creative often, they are able to watch themselves improve. When they cut, their lines get straighter and straighter. When they draw, their pictures become more and more realistic. This improvement allows children to see that they are capable of success, and this leads to a self-confidence boost every time.

When your child is working on crafts, consider bringing out a project that they worked on a few months prior. Choose something that was made with similar techniques so they are able to clearly see their improvement. This will help them to see once again that they are capable of improving and succeeding in anything they want to do.

Overall, art is something that toddlers and preschoolers should have access to every single day. Consider introducing your child to different mediums and techniques to hold their interest and allow them to practice a variety of skills. Coloring a picture may seem like a simple pastime, but to young brains, it is so much more. So, embrace the clutter that’s decorating your fridge. Those masterpieces are a clear sign of your child’s development at work.

ChooChoo Chicago, a Family Childcare’s Art Programming ChooChoo Chicago, a Family Childcare, is an East Lakeview Family Childcare that puts an emphasis on art from the very beginning. The director, Ms. Mia, has extensive experience in both Art History and Studio Arts, and she loves to share her passion for creating with the children. She knows how much arts can help a young mind grow and develop, and she makes sure children in her care can utilize these tools everyday. ChooChoo Chicago provides both themed art activities as well as free expression through painting, drawing, coloring, cooking and science experiments. crafts such as drawing, painting, and coloring books. If you’re looking for a Chicago preschool or daycare that recognizes the importance of arts and crafts in early childhood, consider looking into ChooChoo Chicago today.

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