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About Us


ChooChoo Chicago is a year-round daycare and preschool program welcoming children from 6 weeks to 6 years of age. We serve families through a designated Lakeview facility located on 2941 N Clark Street, just around the corner on Wellington in the Heart of Lakeview East.

Our programming started as an in-home daycare back in 2013 by the teacher and program coordinator, Mrs. Mia. We aim to provide a nurturing, loving, and home-like environment while supporting the academic and social-emotional development of children in our care through an explorative, play-based curriculum.

Our curriculum follows a play-based approach with a focus on music, creative movement, and art. We believe that children learn best through play, and that children should be children for as long as possible. We provide daily opportunities for free play, imaginative play, arts and outdoor exploration. It is through these fun experiences that our children learn early literacy, math, science, and social interaction. We take part in science experiments, sensory play, dancing, yoga, and directed games. Our free play toys include manipulatives, sensory bins, blocks, puzzles, dramatic play, and pretend play for enjoyment and early education.


We see our unique daycare as a child’s first step into the real world of school, friends, and social norms. We provide a welcoming and nurturing environment so our children feel at home. Our loving atmosphere puts the well-being of each child at the top of our priorities. At ChooChoo Chicago, your Family Childcare, you can rest assured knowing your child will be praised when they learn something new, and comforted when they fall. At the same time, you can trust that they’re encouraged to be independent, and working toward expressing themselves through words and polite manners when developmentally appropriate. We love, protect, and guide our children as if they were our own.


Our children come with cultural differences to share with each other, as many of our families speak languages other than English. Our programs are a place where every child is welcome and appreciated. Our multicultural daycare and many spoken languages give us learning opportunities that aren’t found anywhere else.


We know the importance of children experiencing of fresh air, and we get outside as often as the Chicago weather allows. We spend time outdoors while walking to local playgrounds, strolling the neighborhood, and playing games in nearby parks.


Along with our regular curriculum, we provide preschool and toddler summer camp programming as well. The toddler and preschool summer camps are a part of our year-round care, but they include a variety of summer-themed activities that allow us to explore and appreciate the outdoors. Our mornings are spent at local parks as we bring our curriculum along on our adventures. We visit local parks, nearby playgrounds, and the library. We go for neighborhood walks as well as visit local attractions, including the Lincoln Park Zoo, Botanical Garden, Nature Museum, Gallagher Way, and our local Fire House.


Overall, ChooChoo Chicago provides children with a nurturing, fun, playful home-like environment while still providing excellent early education through play. Our program graduates are well-versed in all areas of education, self-confident, and independent. They are capable leaders with a broad worldview. Most importantly, they are children who have spent years enjoying school and having fun at daycare.

To learn more about ChooChoo Chicago, contact us today. We would love for you and your child to join our growing community.

Our fun school time activities include:

  • Creative Movement- music, yoga, dancing, directed games

  • Circle Time- nursery rhymes, finger play, literature and storytelling

  • Social norms- self-regulation, independence, table manners, sharing, taking turns, polite communication

  • Creative Time- themed arts, crafts, science projects, and sensory exploration 

  • Small Motor skills development while playing with blocks, puzzles, sensory bins, play-dough, etc.

  • Dramatic Play- free play with friends, costumes and dress-up, role play, etc. 

  • Gross Motor skills development- playground and nearby park exploration, field trips, etc.  

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